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Unforgettable: Standout live wedding act ideas from Entertainment Nation

Rachel Hirst

If the ‘wedding entertainment’ category of planning has caused you somewhat of a stumbling block then you’re 100 per cent in the right place, as today we’re talking the crème de la crème of live acts with our amazing Sponsor Entertainment Nation.

As one of the UK’s leading entertainment agencies boasting an impressive portfolio of artists, these guys certainly know their stuff when it comes to giving weddings the X factor.

Catering for all styles of weddings and couple preferences, the options span way beyond the norm, offering show-stopping acts that will set your day apart from the rest and have your guests recounting time and time again.

And so, we’re handing the blog over to these clued-up pros to inspire your big day entertainment choices, from mind-boggling to mind-blowing!

Entertainment Nation say

: When it comes to a truly memorable wedding, it takes more than a season-specific colour palette or an ivory gown to the day stand out, which is why couples should seriously consider some unexpected and moving live entertainment.

A live performance is an essential component these days, and it’s easy to see why. Entertaining friends and family helps everyone loosen up, get to know each other, and create a super-smooth day from start to finish.

Here we share our top live band and act suggestions, guaranteed to treat your guests, and give your big day the recognition it deserves!

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Who doesn’t love the tricks and baffling mentalism of magicians? Give your guests reason to remember your function and invite a wow-worthy magic act to entertain during your drinks reception or after dinner. With the skill on show from today’s magicians, you won’t believe your eyes!

Living Statues

Add some surprise and suspense to the big day! Living Statues are a common sight around parks and cities (if you can see them past the crowds) so why not add this electrifying visual show to your wedding day? If you’ve got a garden reception planned or are based in a historic venue, a living statue act will be even more exciting!

Roaming Wedding Band

If having a live band playing up on stage seems old hat, why not get them roaming among your crowd instead? These days, many party bands have portable mics attached to their instruments so they can break free from the constraints of wires! This lets you get up close and personal with all the wicked beats. On the other hand, why not have an acoustic roaming band wander the grounds and gardens of whatever castle or dreamy garden venue you’ve chosen? Your guests will love feeling they’re part of the performance!

DJ Live Act

DJs are a pretty common sight at weddings, so you want something a little different, right? You want a DJ live act, where the discs are spun alongside a talented live musician! You can find lots of live acts nowadays which combine a DJ’s legendary tracks with a live performance of anything from percussion to a saxophonist!

String Ensemble

String Quartets never fail to make a wedding ceremony beautiful and unforgettable. Hearing the notes of classical string music accompanying you down the aisle pours on enough romance to get even the hardest hearts weepy!

Tribute Act

Got a certain singer in mind for your perfect day? Imagine your guests’ surprise when Bublé himself takes to the stage! Okay, maybe they’re not that easily convinced, but booking a tribute to a specific band or celebrity singer is certainly going to make your entertainment much easier to remember for the guests – the sight of Queen’s Freddie Mercury strutting his stuff up on stage certainly makes an impression!

A Vintage Band

Wind things back with a glamorous and memorable vintage act! Imagine the memories when you turn your venue into a 1920s speakeasy with a swing and jazz band or take them back to the jukebox age with the jiving melodies and seamless backbeats of a super-tight rock ‘n’ roll band! With so much variety from the decades, there’s no limit to how you can make your big day unique and unforgettable.


Karaoke is overrated, right? Wrong! Especially not when you throw a live band into the mix with some bandeoke! That’s right – a live band that pulls you up on stage and lets you be the star of your own show. Now you get to scout out which of your in-laws are rock gods!

Singing Waiters

A trend that’s taking the live wedding industry by storm, singing waiters will take you by surprise during the after-dinner lull and jolt life into your wedding with a storm of songs, napkin waving and conga lines. Made up of classically trained performers and West-End stars, these talented troupes blend into your catering team perfectly, and when they show their true colours, they really know how to work a room!


We want our big day to stand out from the rest, so our friends and family have memories to cherish forever – so give them a physical memento that’ll jog their memory every time they see it! Caricaturists won’t just attract crowds and entertain everyone with speedy skills and precise pen-work; they’ll literally give your guests memories that last a lifetime!

Piper or Gaelic Musician

Got Gaelic ancestry in your blood? Just a fan? Either way, you don’t have to be Scottish to embrace the proud tradition of the Great Highland Bagpipes – It’ll be quite a sight when a fully-clad piper accompanies you down the aisle! There are many deeply moving traditional Scottish pieces – and plenty of modern ones – so do them justice and book a bagpiper on your big day!


For outstanding traditional etiquette, book a professional toastmaster to handle all your wedding formalities. Not only will a toastmaster make sure the entire show runs like a well-oiled machine, he’ll attend to all of your guests, sparing you from hour after hour of exhausting meet-and-greets!

Dance Act

For every style of music on the planet, there’s a dance to suit! Why not give your guests a visual feast with a dancing troupe? With so much variety on offer, you can create any kind of mood – from percussive jazz and Broadway tap routines to glamorous ballroom dances and fiery flamenco performances!

Stilt Walkers

One we recommend for the gardens (unless your venue has particularly high ceilings), the classy and enchanting power of professional stilt walkers never fails to make an impression, getting your guests staring to the skies in amazement! These walking giants are perfect for meeting and mingling with your guests, letting you focus on the rest of your wedding organisation!

Trick Footballer

Create some diversions with the keep-uppy skills of a trick footballer! Great for all ages, the tricks, flicks and kicks of a talented football freestyler will offer a mesmerising distraction and have jaws dropped in amazement!


Laughter is the best medicine, and time flies when you’re having fun, as they say. Help your friends and family feel great and pass the time roaring with a comedian! Stage performances, walkarounds, mingling, mind-reading, props, and spectacular tricks make a comedian a recipe for success among your friends and family!


Turn your wedding venue into a French café with a talented accordionist! Perfect for anyone who loves a bit of gypsy jazz, new musette, tango or classical, an accordionist makes for delightful daytime listening – and there’s nothing stopping his notes from accompanying you down the aisle either!


There’s something outstanding about the mere sight of an orchestral harp at your venue! Hearing the divine melodies of the harp will soak your venue in elegance and grace, making for a truly special and memorable performance on your romantic day.

Steel Drummer

We should really say “steel pannist” because these youthful Caribbean percussion instruments are a little different to regular drums. Bringing the West Indies sound of Trinidad and Tobago, a steel pannist is guaranteed to make your day unique and memorable – whether you’re beneath a sunny sky or the clouds of a dark and stormy day, the bright sound of the steel pan always evokes equatorial sunshine and lifts spirits.

Gospel Choir

We don’t always need instruments to create music, and gospel choirs are a gorgeous alternative to instrumental arrangements. Available in a range of line ups, gospel choirs can provide traditional religious hymns and burst into modern pop and rock songs to get you dancing – the perfect way to make an impression for every part of your special day!

Brass Band

If you love the beer-swilling spirit of Oktoberfest, the bourbon-soaked streets of intoxicating New Orleans, or you’re just looking for a glamorous and traditional Yorkshire wedding, then you need to check out live brass bands – these ensembles look and sound magnificent and leave a lasting impression on everyone who hears them.

Show Band

If there are no limits to what you can have on your big day, then there are premier and luxury show bands you simply must not miss. These bands take the live band formula, then turn up the heat and the talent until they’re competing with (and performing alongside) the most legendary touring musicians.


If you’re going all out, then go with the full orchestral experience! Hearing professional arrangements of classical instruments in harmony has never fallen out of fashion and brings an unrivalled atmosphere to any event – modern orchestras will even throw pop and rock elements for a truly intoxicating fusion. That’s sure to knock your guests’ socks off.

Find Your Dream Live Wedding Entertainment

On the hunt for your dream wedding entertainment? Save yourself hours of stress and head over to Entertainment Nation! We’ve done all the hard work and compiled the very best live bands, musicians and entertainers from the UK, and further afield, and put them at your fingertips. Strictly vetted, hard-working, professional, and totally talented, you’re sure to find the perfect band to make that dream day come true!


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