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Rachel Hirst

One area of the wedding ‘to do’ list that can sometimes become overlooked in the high-pressure run-up to the big day is finding special gifts to thank your nearest and dearest for their much-valued contributions towards the planning and proceedings.

As well as wanting to buy a meaningful presents for the bridesmaids and groomsmen, you might also want to buy a memorable gift for parents who have supported you throughout, or perhaps a friend or relative that has offered their skills to make your dream wedding cake, or help style your venue to perfection.

Then there’s your husband/wife-to-be to think about, as a thoughtful surprise delivered to them on the morning of the wedding gets the celebrations off to a loving start and provides them with a keepsake of the day that they can treasure for years to come.

But with little time prior to the wedding to spare, where to start and what to buy? Thankfully, such questions can be answered by online retailer I Just Love It, whose team are taking over the blog today to tell us about their numerous gifting options, not only for the wedding day, but also for key anniversaries to come.

Dedicated to delivering imaginative, personalised and unique wedding gifts, the site features an abundance of touching and alterative pressies to pick from, all at the touch of a button. So, whether you’re looking for sentimental gift ideas for your own wedding, or a poignant present for a wedding you’re attending as a guest, be sure to take note…

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Can you give us an overview of I Just Love It and what you offer?

I Just Love It say

: I Just Love It is an online retailer that specialises in personalised gifts for all occasions. We are one of the leading e-commerce consumer sites in the UK, serving one-of-a-kind products ranging from homeware, sports books, calendars, children’s books, boozy treats – you name it, we’ve got it!

What type of gifts/products in particular do you offer for wedding couples?

For wedding couples, we have more than 250 gifts that would make great keepsakes for the bride and groom. Our products range from a Couples’ Romantic Joining Heart Keyring, where you can add the names and date of the wedding, to a Prosecco set or a Personalised White Leather Wedding Photo Album. We also have ranges specific for brides and grooms, where the products can be more personal to the individual. Groom gifts include an Engraved Leather Knot Bracelet to a Personalised Beard Grooming Kit. At I Just Love It, we believe that wedding gifts don’t have to be all about the wedding, hence some of the quirkier options! Bride gifts range from an Engraved Mirror with Pearls, to a Personalised Moon and Back Artwork Frame.

And what about the bridal party such as bridesmaids and groomsmen?

We want our wedding gifts to be a one stop shop for gifts for all of the bridal party, so our range includes gifts suitable for bridesmaids, best men, ushers and flowergirls. These gifts include Personalised Champagne Flutes, a Pearl Bracelet and a Personalised Message in a Bottle. The majority of our products can be personalised with any name, message or date which will add an extra special touch – it is an unforgettable time after all!

Tell us why you think I Just Love It personalised products make such thoughtful gifts?

We offer such a wide range of personalised gifts; from children’s books, to cooking gifts and special date newspapers. We love the idea of having something personalised, as it is a truly special gift to receive (it also avoids the arguments if someone else likes it… it literally has your name on it!) We think receiving a personalised gift makes the occasion even more memorable, whenever the recipient uses the gift, they will think of the person who gave it to them. Receiving a personalised gift means that the gifter has truly thought hard about the gift they will give, adding a definite personal touch.

What is the feedback like from I Just Love It customers?

We currently have a 4.5 rating out of 5 on Trustpilot, from more than 4,500 reviews. This shows that our customers love our products and website. Our customers always comment on the quality of the products, and the care taken to personalise each. The products are unique and make for lovely keepsakes gifts for your loved ones, or if you just want to treat yourself!

Keen to help newlyweds prepare for their future anniversaries, I Just Love It have compiled ‘Anniversary by Year: The Guide’ – can you tell us a little about this ?

We wanted to create a place where people who are struggling to buy for a particular anniversary can go and gain some inspiration. It also makes for a great way to find out the traditional anniversary gifts for all the years up to the 50th anniversary (which is amazing!) People can come back to this guide year after year and find the appropriate traditional gift for that year. Within the guide, we list the traditional gift, our present suggestion and the colour typically used to celebrate that year.

To set our readers off on their journey into married life, please can you share with us the first five-year anniversary gift suggestions from the guide?

1st Anniversary – Paper

Colour: Gold

Popular Gift Suggestion: Framed wedding photo

Our Suggestion: Paper flowers

Paper seems a bit of an odd gift choice but it’s so varied that anyone could choose a great gift under this brief. A popular gift to give is a framed wedding photo from the big day, or a simple book. If you’re looking to go outside the box, get paper flowers that can be enjoyed for years to come – to really go with the theme, choose yellow or gold flowers to signify your first year together.

2nd Anniversary – Cotton

Colour: Yellow

Popular Gift Suggestion: Blanket

Our Suggestion: Personalised pillowcases

A traditional gift for cotton would be a blanket but go one step further with personalised pillowcases. These can be personalised with your initials, a quote that you both love or simply ‘his’ and ‘hers’.

3rd Anniversary – Leather

Colour: Light Brown

Popular Gift Suggestion: Wallet or keyring

Our Suggestion: Leather journal

Like paper, leather seems an odd choice for an anniversary gift, but it signifies that the relationship is durable, strong and flexible, as there’s no doubt in your three years you’ve had to overcome a few issues together. The traditional gift to give for this year is a wallet or keyring, but we suggest something slightly more special and gift your spouse a leather journal. This can be used as a diary, a notebook or simply a place to keep notes to remember those special moments.

4th Anniversary – Fruit & Flowers

Colour: Lime Green

Popular Gift Suggestion: Bouquet of flowers

Our Suggestion: Grow your own plant

Giving someone a plant as a gift is much better than flowers – they can nurture the plant and really take care of it. If it can go in the garden, the recipient will be proud of this whenever they see it and will be reminded of you and their fourth wedding anniversary.

5th Anniversary – Wood

Colour: Turquoise

Popular Gift Suggestion: Wooden photo frame

Our Suggestion: Wooden keepsake box

Wood represents a strong, long-lasting relationship and signifies the strength of your marriage that has lasted for five years so far, so why not celebrate this occasion with a beautiful wooden keepsake box to fill with memories of your marriage? This will become a great way to remind you of the things you got up to, and you can add to it throughout your marriage.

To read the Anniversary by Year: The Guide in full click here, or to view more of I Just Love It’s gift ideas and personalised products visit the website.


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