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When it comes to wedding photography, award-winning photographer Vivienne Edge really knows what she’s talking about. With a decade of experience, both in front of and behind the camera, you can be sure that she’ll deliver beautiful pictures for you to treasure for the rest of your lives.

If you’ve fallen for the type of bright and warm, soft focus, romantic images that wholeheartedly capture the emotions and magic of a wedding day, then you’re going to love Vivienne’s signature style. From grabbing those elusive golden hour vibes, to keeping things classic and timeless, it’s important to feel confident in your suppliers’ skills and you’ll really be able to relax in safe hands here. No moment will go unnoticed so you can let the resulting pictures tell the story for years to come.

Let’s hear from Vivienne herself to find out more…

When did you first start photographing weddings and how did you get into it?

Vivienne says

: I first picked up a camera as I was looking for a new hobby. I used to model for styled wedding photography and bridal shoots, and I always thought photography looked like a fun career! Once I bought my first camera, I started taking photos of friends and soon moved onto model portfolio photography and then to wedding photography. It’s now been almost 10 years and I still love my job, every fashion shoot and every wedding!

How would you describe your style of photography and how does it set you apart?

I like to keep my style classical and luxurious. Like anything, wedding photography can date. New styles, like fashion, come and go and I believe it’s best to stick to something clean and beautiful. No presets or filters here!. My style does slightly change wedding to wedding, as the lighting is always different, from a sunset in Italy to a candle-lit church in the UK I have to adapt to make the images look as beautiful and as genuine-to-the-moment as possible!

On your wedding day I will be like an extra bridesmaid. I’m there ALL day and most of the night to make sure I don’t miss a minute and, as I’m going to be your shadow for most of the day, I make sure I’m a helpful shadow.

And can you tell us about your approach to capturing a wedding – what you deem to be especially important?

Liaising with the bride and groom is very important prior to the wedding, making them feel at ease and letting them know that you’re on the same wavelength, that you have their best interests at heart and the remit is nailed on.

I like to spend time capturing documentary style images of real moments as well as a few naturally posed shots. For example, shooting the bride and groom during their pre-wedding preparations gives a real feel for how the day proceeds and the pre wedding nerves. I think it’s important to mingle well with the couple’s family and friends, move around a lot and engage with the guests to get all those action shots.

In your opinion what are the most important things for a couple to consider when deciding which photographer to book for their wedding?

As there are tons of photographers out there, make sure you really look at their style. Are their images bright and vibrant or are they darker and arty. A good question to ask is “how many images am I likely to receive after my wedding”? After I got married I wanted to relive the day and I got to keep 1500 images. This is why I share ALL images captured with my couples.

Another important decision is whether to pay for a second shooter depending on budget and amount of guests. As it is impossible for me to be in two places at once, second shooters allow for those shots that are just not possible on your own. For example, when the groom first turns to catch a glimpse of his bride coming up the aisle.

You also do wedding videography – again, how did you get into this and how would you describe your style of films?

My clients started asking if I did videography whilst shooting stills for them so I invested in a camera and gained experience shooting friends and family events before embarking into actual client based shoots.

I have recently filmed 3 weddings and the objective going forward is to film and photograph weddings at the same time. My style is similar to my stills, Lots of slow, romantic scenes broken up with detail, guest and party shots. Again, best captured with a second shooter to make sure there are no missed photographic opportunities.

Why would you encourage couples to have their day filmed in addition to being photographed?

They say a photograph speaks a thousand words, a well-shot video will capture so much more and, importantly, gives you the feel of the night, along with the visual and audio. With the advances in technology and 4K videoing it’s possible to get such a better feel for the lighting and atmosphere in the crowd. After editing allows for custom music to be played over your edited video, giving a personal touch as it is possible to overlay the first dance music for that extra special memory.

If a couple are to book you for both film and photography how do work to cover both? What are the benefits of taking a combined package?

I can cover both firm and photography with having three cameras on the go at all times plus a very energetic second shooter, who can capture video footage and stills from a different angle. A second shooter in larger weddings is crucial.

The benefits are simple; a discounted price and feeling less like you’ve invited a squad of paparazzi to your wedding! Having two videographers and two photographers following you around all day can be pretty intimidating. Also, going through one point of contact is easier and leaves you with less stress and worry in the weeks leading up to your big day.

Do you have a favourite part of the wedding day to capture and, if so, what is it and why?

Couple portraits HAVE to be my favourite part. I think most photographers would say the same. I also completely love the speeches. I move around the room and capture everyone’s natural expressions whilst enjoying hearing about the couples past adventures.

You shoot worldwide – can you tell us what it is that you enjoy about shooting overseas?

The variety for sure! I know shooting a wedding in a chateau in France will produce completely different images to a cliff top wedding on a Greek island. Both insanely beautiful and so different from what you can produce in the UK. But we do also have absolutely beautiful places and venues here in the UK.

Where is your favourite place to shoot and is there somewhere you’ve not yet shot a wedding that you would love the opportunity to visit?

I’m pretty lucky in that I get to travel to many different wedding venues and I don’t often shoot the same venue. I do however LOVE Wharfedale Grange, Leeds, near where I live. There are many, many venues that I’ve not yet had the chance to go to yet though.

Villa Pizzo would probably have to be my dream-wedding venue to shoot at, dramatic mountain scenery and a lush hotel with classic Italian architecture and well-groomed grounds.

Overall, what is it you enjoy most about your job?

I love to be able to make my couples happy, I show them the camera images during the day and see their faces light up. They can’t wait to see their final images, and they get to relive their day again by receiving over 1000 images after their day.

What is the feedback like from your brides and grooms? What do they love about your style and the images and videos you produce?

I don’t like to boast so I’ll let you read just a few snippets from my clients…

“I really don’t know what I would have done without her. “

“I always said ‘When we get married we are having Vivienne take our wedding pics’.

Something I was very confident about and stood by for many years knowing she would do an absolutely amazing job – and she did!”

“She is the best of the best!”

“Her photos are so beautiful, I loved her creative ideas and super friendly”

“Viv is very professional and knows what she is doing hence the AMAZING photos which we love very much!!”

“I cannot begin to explain how utterly over the moon I am with my wedding photographs. Alongside her talent and creative eye she is an absolute pleasure to work with and I had so many comments from guests who said the same”

Can you give us an idea of price?

My prices start from £1,200 for a midweek winter wedding. If your wedding is in summer and you’d also like a video, I charge £2,200. Bespoke packages are available on request and I’m happy to offer discount for Brides Up North readers. Drop me an email and tell me about your big day!

How can readers get in touch with you or see more examples of your work?

I direct prospective couples to my website’s blog. It shows hundreds and hundreds of images from individual weddings. I’ve had Brides say that it shows my images are consistently great.

Any other exciting news to share?

You might have recently spotted me on ITVBe show, The GC Diva Forever. I shoot Gemma for her clothing collection and perfume. I also got to travel to Ibiza and Turkey this year with Katie Price and favourite clothing company JYY London and am now a mother to two of the cutest Cavalier pooches (as well as my two little human girls)!

I have a couple of wedding dates left for this year which I’m happy to discount for Brides Up North readers, so get in touch via email on info@vivienneedgephotography.co.uk. I can’t wait to hear from you!


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