Styled Shoot

In Bloom. A Styled Rustic Wedding Shoot at The Leadenham Estate

Sarah Symonds

This beautifully simple, rustic shoot is packed with romantic vibes and boho loveliness that’ll be ticking those boxes for our laid-back couples-to-be. We’ve got styling involving flowers, gin and books, which just so happen to be a few of our favourite things…

Amy, Melissa, and Hollie of UNVEILED Network Member Amy Lauren Weddings are wedding planners with a skilled eye for detail and, if today’s styled shoot is anything to go by, they’re in the right profession! These girls know what they’re doing. This shoot boasts the perfect golden hour shots, whether you’re into sunset over the rolling hills or the glow casting it’s reflections on the stunning lake, the lighting is to die for.

For our boho brides, we’re seeing a fantasy style gown with sleeves flowing free, then toughening the look up a smidge by throwing a denim jacket over the top for that cool girl style. Then add the bold flower crown that no hippy chick would be without, or jazz it up with an incredible crown.

Anyone for tennis? When the net is this beautifully macramed and the rackets are vintage, we’re game! And show stealing Daisy the horse provides extra entertainment for everyone involved! Top that all off with the true tenderness of a couple in love and we’re onto a winner…

With images by TTS Media


Amy says: “He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me!” Happiness blooms from within, we wanted this shoot to highlight the beauty of simple pleasures, perfect sunsets, and the whispers of undying love.


Leadenham Estate was the ideal location for the shoot, with its rolling parkland, Palladian stable quad, and idyllic lakeside sunset spot.


The golden hour is truly a photographer’s dream, and the lakeside was the ideal space to capture sweet whispers of love between our models, Amy and Lamo, as they watched the sunset cascade over the lake.

Daisy, our model horse for the day (my Auntie’s horse) played a significant role in capturing the hearts of all the suppliers. The bond between her and Amy was pure and simple. The boho vibe we wanted to capture on the day was enhanced with Daisy playing her role perfectly. Lots of couples like to incorporate their pets into their wedding, yet many are nervous. We wanted to capture the beauty that comes with involving all ‘members’ of the family into your wedding photos.

Daisy was able to provide another dimension for the shoot, as well as those captivating moments of love, passion, and attraction Amy and Lamo shone with. We wanted to showcase the natural beauty of the outdoors as well as the fierce bond between the couple, with whimsical moments under a secluded tree, to the statement shots on the straw bale bed in the stable courtyard.


The dress was chosen specifically to capture the exact vibe we wanted to create from this shoot: vintage, whimsical and exquisite. It was paired with the most eye-catching signature crown and earring set, designed by Sixpenny Bride, specifically to complement the dress for the glamour with a twist of boho enchantment we wanted to achieve.

The flowers and colours add to the finishing touches and embody the style of the shoot perfectly, standing out against the drama and flow of the dress, whilst complimenting Amy’s natural complexion and hair colour.

The suit is the perfect fit for the day and complemented our groom perfectly, so much so that Fallen Hero kindly gifted the suit to Lamo! The colour choice matched the natural elements of the parkland and tied the bright flowers and colour theme together, softening them against Amy’s white dress.

When couples choose their theme, colour and style for their wedding day, it’s important for them to consider what they want to achieve, whilst being mindful of their venue, the surroundings, time of year, their natural complexion and hair colour. Amy and Lamo suited the laid back boho glamour theme. It is important to take advantage of the strengths and beauty each couple offers naturally to produce the best photos they will love.


The shoot was an idyllic day, with the most beautiful sunset, surrounded by fantastic and talented suppliers in the most breathtaking locations.

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