Julia Smith

This episode of WEDFLIX is for anyone who needs a helping hand with their wedding planning!

In this programme I talk to leading wedding planner Helen Davies about the logistics of an expertly executed big day (of whatever size)!

This episode was filmed when Covid-19 guidance permitted weddings of up to 30 guests. Please check the current guidance at the time of viewing.

This episode includes:

How Helen’s passion for planning began;
Helen’s success at the helm of Sarah Beeny’s ‘Restoration Nightmare’, Rise Hall;
Helen’s bespoke wedding planning services;
How Helen ensures quality levels and a unique celebration for each of her couples;
The key skills that Helen brings to her role as a luxury wedding planner;
Helen’s love of smaller weddings and why a micro wedding can be a brilliant option for couples at any time;
How Helen keeps up to date with trends;
The areas where a wedding planner can add value to a couple;

and so much more.

Learn more about Helen’s services at or follow her Instagram adventure at @withhelendavies

WEDFLIX is the series especially for cool couples planning their wedding and the super suppliers helping them to do it.

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