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Sarah Symonds

If you’re currently on the hunt for quirky cakes and delicious desserts for your big day based in or around the North Wales area, then you might be keen to hear more about the incredibly talented Julie of The Red Rose Cake Co!

Today we’re extremely pleased to be chatting with UNVEILED Network Member, finalist in the 2019 Welsh Wedding Awards and winner of the 2020 Wedding Guide Award, Julie from The Red Rose Cake Co! Clever and lovely Julie creates unbelievable cakes that taste as good as they look, with over 30 different flavour options for couples to choose from.

We’ve managed to drag her away from her home bakery for a moment to ask her about her journey so far, where her inspiration comes from and why cake is so important to a wedding; everything you ever needed to know, from tall cakes to top tips. Let’s get into it!

Images Richard Miller and supplied by The Red Rose Cake Co.

Well hello there!

Hi! My name is Julie and I own The Red Rose Cake Co. I live in North Wales and I create wedding cakes and dessert table deliciousness with the assistance of my husband and a mad beagle.

Where did your passion for cake design come from?

I love any type of creativity. Photography was a bit of a hobby and although I loved it, images never quite recreated what I could see. Baking was a part of my childhood, drop scones being made on a griddle is my first memory, and once I worked out that working with cake gave me a 3D option I was hooked.

Do you have a dedicated workspace?

I used to have a small cake shop that I loved. It was in an old Edwardian barn in a small craft village with gorgeous surroundings. I absolutely loved the community and the visitors but I just outgrew it. We live in an old cottage that we are renovating and my husband suggested converting part of the outbuildings. It was a marriage made in heaven. I am home but not actually in the cottage. I look out on our land and the chickens, as we live fairly remotely, up a mountain surrounded by welsh countryside. It’s the perfect place for inspiration and visitors.

Why do you think that the wedding cake plays such an important part in a wedding?

Food plays a part in every celebration and in my case, desserts especially. A wedding cake is just a part of that lovely sweet celebration. It often stands waiting to play its part in the special day and people love to wander over and have a look. Hopefully guests are keen to taste it too!

Do you have a signature style?

I think my style is quite quirky, I like things to look a bit different. The cake should have personality, and stand out on its own merit. I always think my cakes look great when they are outside – obviously not in the rain but they just suit that kind of background with greenery, stonework, trees etc.

Tell us about the taste – why it’s important – and all your flavour options?

There is absolutely no point at all in having a cake that looks amazing but tastes dreadful. If it wasn’t meant to be eaten that you can create something from polystyrene forms. It is food and should be eaten and enjoyed. For me the taste is just as important as the look. I have over 30 flavour options at the moment but am always looking at new ones and if a customer has an idea, I am happy to try it.

Where do you get the inspiration for your designs?

Inspiration is personal. I might see something that I take a picture of and store away. It could be a colour, a leaf, a funny way of looking at something. I also love tall cakes, I think they are statuesque.

When I chat with couples, I try to encourage them to make their cake fit in with their ideas, so use of colour, or flowers, anything that makes it resonate with them. I always ask if they have a theme, what colours have they chosen, what flowers are they using. I give them ideas about placement or shape, anything that might make their cake look a little different.

How do you approach each wedding?

It has been very different over the last year. Instead of an initial consultation I now suggest a Zoom. I also send them a flavor list so that they can choose taster options.

Once they have tried the cake and we have spoken, it is entirely up to the couple whether they choose me. I might not be the right person for them and I am very open about that.

I try to do a small drawing of ideas so that they can see what it may look like but I am no sketch artist! The reality is that none of us will see the wedding cake until the wedding day. It’s vital that I am confident I’m thinking along the same lines as them and they have to trust me to produce that idea.

What do your couples love about your service and creations?

I am quite easy going and open to ideas so there are no limits really. We can try it and see if it works. Several couples have stayed friends and have ordered other cakes from me which is awesome. It means I get to see how their lives move on which is just perfect. I would hope that couples feel excited and positive about their cake journey with me.

What are your top tips for couples when choosing their wedding cake?

  1. Don’t be frightened to bring ideas and suggestions to the table.
  2. Research your wedding cake maker – look at reviews, images, get recommendations.
  3. Taste the cake!

And the no-nos?

  1. Don’t let other people make the decisions for you.
  2. Don’t ask a cake designer to just copy someone else’s creations.
  3. Don’t ask for everything and then say it’s out of budget.

What trends do you see emerging in wedding cakes for 2021 and beyond?

Couples still like traditional but they also like to offer options, whether that be different flavours or having a smaller cake with dessert table items. I think foliage and greenery is going to be very popular and keeping everything looking more natural.

Pick a fave…

Flavour combo? Chocolate, with chocolate and some chocolate!

Shape? I love square wedding cakes.

Icing option? Fondant as I think it offers the most versatility.

Decorative finish? I love ruffles of any type – they add some texture.

How can couples get in touch with you?

You can find me on my website www.redrosecakeco.com or on instagram and Facebook

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