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Still on the hunt for your perfect wedding photography style? We’ve got you. Today’s featured UNVEILED Network Member is none other than the wonderful Christina of Fish 2 Photography

We’ve fallen hook, line and sinker for Christina’s ‘personality-driven, natural photography’ and her warm attitude to her lovely couples. Starting proceedings with a nice hot brew and a face-to-face chat certainly sounds like something we’d love to get back to as soon as possible!

Christina’s been telling us all about her adventures shooting at a wedding in Zurich, what it is she thinks sets her apart from other photographers and what her favourite part of the big day is to capture, and if you’re also totally wondering where the name Fish 2 Photography came from, she’s cleared that up for you too!

And she’s kindly currently offering 10% off any wedding package or a free engagement shoot if you get in touch and quote ‘UNVEILED10’!

Hello there!

Hi, my name is Christina and I run Fish 2 Photography. I live in Preston with my two kids and hubby. We love going outside for walks in the woods or to the beach, eating ice cream and watching a good bit of Netflix.

I’ve been a wedding photographer since 2012 after spending a few years seconding with other photographers. I also photograph newborns, families and do some commercial work. I genuinely love what I do and enjoy capturing those little moments.

Where did your passion for photography come from?

I’ve always been interested in photography. I was about 7 when I first picked up my dad’s film camera and annoyed my mum by taking loads of photos so she kept having to develop all this film full of old buildings and half-seen people haha.

I first did ‘proper’ photography when I was at college. Digital wasn’t something that really existed then, or it did but it was so expensive we were still working with film, this being the late 90s. I loved being in the darkroom and taking weird and crazy photographs. After that, I went to Uni and went more across to filming. It wasn’t until the mid-2000s I picked a camera up again to take photos and remembered why I loved it so much. I set the business up in 2008 and haven’t looked back.

What do you love about capturing a couple’s big day?

For me it’s capturing those little moments. It might sound cliche but genuinely those moments will never come again. You will never be in that moment, with those emotions, with those family and friends around you and that just amazes me. It’s such a special thing to be a part of.

How would you describe your style of photography?

I describe my style as personality-driven, natural photography. It’s all about capturing the couples or families, and who they are with each other. You act differently with your other half than with your best friends so picking up on that is a big part of what I do.

What’s your approach like on the wedding day?

Fairly relaxed. I always speak to the couple beforehand and we go through everything that will happen on the day and timings, and I memorize that so the couple can relax and I can be there to capture every part of it without them worrying about anything.

How do you build relationships with your couples?

Usually, in non-Covid times, we go for a brew at a local coffee shop and just chat about everything. It’s important to find out who they are. No two couples or weddings are the same so finding out the key things that make them who they are is important, and of course, hearing the engagement stories is always fun.

What sets you apart from other photographers?

I guess just me. I’ve never been one to be ‘in with the crowd’. I love individuality and anything weird or geeky and all my clients seem to click with that. I love what I do and enjoy working with couples to capture their wedding day, and I hope that comes through. I’d genuinely do it for free if I could.

Do you have a favourite part of the day to capture?

Ooh that’s hard. I’m going to have to say it’s when I take the couple away for their photographs after the ceremony and it’s been so busy that they haven’t seen each other alone yet. They just hold hands and take a moment together. It’s where you really feel the love and happiness of the day.

Where does your work take you?

The furthest it has taken me is Zurich. I was asked by a lovely couple – Sam, who is Swiss, and Liz, who’s English – to go over there and capture their day. Liz had heard about me through family and emailed me to ask me if I’d do it. It was such a different experience as the weddings there are not how we do them here. They sit around a table to get married, and they have a 12-course meal and play games after every course. It was such a great experience. Mainly though, I do all my weddings in the North West. I love capturing the beautiful scenery we have up here.

What would be your top tips for couples searching for a wedding photographer?

  1. Get to know the photographer before you book them. Chat with them. Find out if you can get on for the day as you will be spending the most important day of your life with them around so you need to get on with them.
  2. Check out their work. See how long they have been working in the industry and if you like their style. It doesn’t matter if that style is super dark or super light, look at the couples and how they are in the photos, what the photographer has captured. That’s the thing that will last, how happy and in love you are.
  3. Speak to previous wedding couples they have photographed. A recommendation is always the best way to know how a photographer is on the day and what photos come back.

And some absolute no-nos?

  1. Don’t go with the cheapest, go with the best you can afford on your budget. You might save more money with the cheapest, but your photos might not be what you wanted. I’ve had so many people on a family shoot with me say they wished they had found me sooner as they dislike their wedding photos.
  2. Don’t go with trends, go with what you like.
  3. Don’t opt for a friend who has a nice camera. Let them enjoy the day and hire a professional. They’ll have the skills to capture your day and you are sure to love the result.

What options do you offer when couples are booking you?

I have lots of different packages available for wedding days. My most popular is my We Will Say I Do’ package which includes 12 hours, 2 photographers, a private online gallery and all the photos on a personalised USB.

Is there a special discount that you would like to offer to our readers?

I would love to offer any couples 10% off any wedding package or a free engagement shoot. They can claim this offer by emailing me at info@fish2.co.uk and quoting ‘UNVEILED10’.

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us about?

One thing I always get asked is about my business name. Let’s start with no, there was never a Fish 1 and no, I’m not a fish fan. I mean, I like eating them and watching them swim around but that’s about it.

When I started the business 10 years ago, I wasn’t married or dating anyone. I didn’t want to be the same as everyone else and use my name, especially when I thought it would get changed at some point when I married. I thought about when I was younger and I used to get teased for having big eyes and I got called Fish a lot so I decided to turn a negative into a positive and use it as my business name. So there you go, a little about why I chose Fish 2 Photography. (It’s also an acronym but that’s a story for another day!)


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