Our Love Story: Lizzie & Warren

Sarah Symonds

Our two lovestruck teachers have come a long way from having to get a friend to orchestrate the swapping of phone numbers! Today we’ve caught up with the lovely Lizzie and Warren to find out how it’s been trying to plan a wedding through Covid and what their plans are for the future.

We love a good origin story so, obvs, we’ve been finding out how they met and how they got together, what they like best about each other and how the big romantic proposal went down, with a side-order of nerves for the groom-to-be! It involves a terrifying tiny Italian cable car ride, of course – just your classic tale of survival and romance!

With the big day now re-planned for post-pandemic, Lizzie and Warren share their hopes for a ‘normal’ day with us, their stunning venue, Park Farm Hotel, at home in Norwich and why they thought an engagement shoot might be a good idea… (Spoiler: we agree!)

With photography by Kirstie Garlick Photography


Lizzie says: We were on holiday on a little island off the coast of Italy, called Elba, staying in a villa with my family. Halfway through the week we went up the mountain in the middle of the island. To get to the top we had to go in a cable car, and when I say car I mean a cage which fits only two people in it. At the top I was taking lots of photos as you could see across the island but Warren was very quiet and I thought he was ill but turns out he was just very nervous! On the way back down in the cable cage he popped the question. I wouldn’t let him go on one knee though as I was afraid he might fall out! It was perfect.

Big Day Setting

We are getting married in Norwich, where my family are from. After one postponement we are hoping we are going to get a ‘normal’ wedding. We are getting married in my family church and then our reception is at Park Farm Hotel which is just gorgeous and they have been awesome throughout this whole pandemic. After the last year and a half we just want dancing, laughter and togetherness.

How We Met

We are both teachers and met at the school we first worked at together. I remember getting a text from a mutual friend asking whether Mr Parker could have my number and the rest is history.

First Date

Our first date was just before Christmas, in Nottingham. We went ice skating. I remember thinking he was so easy to chat to. I later found out his mate had been spying on us at the side to see what I was like! When we got back he watched the Strictly Come Dancing final with me and I knew he was a keeper.

What We Love Most

It’s just always been easy. We get on so well, we laugh a lot, he makes me smile. He was just special.

About The Shoot

We are both a bit awkward with photos, so we wanted to get to know Kirstie and feel a bit more at ease with the camera before the big day. I loved the togetherness and the laughter, though it was so cold it became about cuddling together for warmth!

Looing Forward To Most

It just finally happening! We still can’t quite let ourselves believe it after everything that has happened in the last year.

Our top tip

Our tip for another couple would be try not to stress the small stuff. Make a list of things that are the priorities for you, and be prepared to compromise a little to get them if you have a tight budget. After these strange times, a wedding will be a light at the end of the tunnel and everyone is just going to be happy to be with you and celebrate your day and not remember if you didn’t go for the ‘premium’ chairs or that more expensive table arrangement!

Wish For Married Life

We just can’t wait to get to settle down and be happy together.

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