Bridal Accessories


Julia Smith

This episode of WEDFLICS is for brides looking for crazy beautiful wedding shoes that they’ll want to wear (or display!) long after their big day.

In this show I talk shoe-llery with UNVEILED Network Member –  and high heel fan – Freya of Freya Rose (who wore three pairs of her own label shoes on her own wedding day no less!)

This episode includes:

Freya’s background and how she became a shoe designer;
Freya’s love of Mooney and how this translates into her designs;
Freya Rose’s signature style;
The craftmanship that goes into Freya’s shoes;
Freya’s love of bridal and how she came to design wedding shoes;
Freya’s latest collection;
Her own wedding choices and her current favourite shoes;
Freya’s celebrity fans;
Freya’s jewellery and handbag designs;
Freya’s proudest moments;
and so much more.

Learn more about Freya Rose at or @freyaroselondon for lots of shoe-spiration on Instagram!

WEDFLICS is the channel for cool couples planning a wedding and the super suppliers helping them to do it.

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