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drop a beat: live wedding music advice from warble entertainment

Rachel Hirst

First Dance

I think I speak for the majority of brides-to-be when I say that one of my main dreads for the big day would be an empty dancefloor. While I adore the sentimental parts of a wedding, a measure of how much I’ve enjoyed the celebrations is often determined by the amount of time spent on the dancefloor – and so a tumbleweed moment come our evening reception just won’t do.

As such I’m eager to do the required research to ensure we bag the right live acts to set the tone during the day – and keep the party rocking at night. But where to start? Thankfully we’re hearing from our fabulous Sponsor Warble Entertainment today on how to select the best live acts for you, your guests, the theme and the venue. See, already some elements that you might not have thought of!

As a trusted agency with an impressive portfolio of UK-wide acts on their roster, Warble can not only help to narrow down the entertainment search to suit your individual day, but they can also advise on how to get the very best out of the live band or performer that you book.

So, without further delay, we’ll hand over to Warble Entertainment team member Joey Burdon, to lift the lid (or raise the roof!) on securing a jumpin’ dancefloor!

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Wedding Entertainment

Why would you encourage couples to hire a singer/band for their wedding?

joey says

: Live music is an experience. It’s an amazing thing that has the power to move you and create lifelong memories. With a live wedding musician you are getting a truly unique performance for your special day. Not only that but the pure energy that a party band can bring to your night is unmatched. One comment we hear all the time is how couples enjoyed having their own private gig or concert on their wedding night and how interactive the whole experience was.

Consider the times where you would usually have pre-recorded music on your wedding day and think, can this be performed by a live musician instead? Key moments might be walking down the aisle or your first dance. Having a bespoke and live performance of a song that encapsulates you as a couple is the perfect touch to add to proceedings and is sure to be remembered.

How should couples go about choosing the right genre of live act for their wedding day – what elements should they take into consideration?

A lot of couples make the mistake of being too self-indulgent here (why wouldn’t you?!) but you really do need to consider your guests. It’s great to find a band you like but are they going to get on with your friends and family? Can they play songs to please everyone as well as some numbers that fit with your theme? Are they equipped to fill the dance floor on your wedding night and get your guests dancing? You will want to be asking these questions as you do research into potential live acts for your wedding.

You will also want to consider both your venue and your theme, if you have one. Certain acts lend themselves better to certain themes and settings, and you will want your wedding entertainment to feel at home on your wedding day. For example a barn venue or festival theme is just screaming for a Mumford & Son’s style folk band with a towering double bass and banjos. If your chosen venue is a picture perfect castle with rich history, find an act that lean towards more classical vibes or even create that fairy tale atmosphere with elegant entertainment.

Helen Lisk Photography

Helen Lisk Photography

How can couples source potential acts and what elements should they check when comparing those in their short-list?

The majority of couples look online now for their wedding inspiration and have done for a long time! This is no different for wedding entertainment as there is so much information available on potential acts at your fingertips. Do some heavy searching and start to get an idea what you like or dislike about certain acts to help you narrow it down.

A lot of acts that are set up specifically for weddings rarely get to play public events. This makes it difficult to see your band before you book so how can you be sure you have the right band? Reviews and testimonials are key. A band might look and sound amazing online but how do you know how much experience they have or what other people think of them? Look around and build up a picture using reviews to tell you exactly what the act are like at a typical wedding.

Do couples need to check with their venue if they can have a live act at their wedding before booking and, if so, are there any other key questions they should ask?

Yes, definitely ask the question, ‘can I have live music?’. If this is important to you on your wedding day it should be one of your first questions. Sound limiters are also becoming more commonplace at wedding venues around the country so it’s important to check this. However, don’t be disheartened if the venue has one in place! You can still have live music, just find out what the limit is so you can make better decisions on what acts you look at. Warble Entertainment have a wide variety of limiter friendly bands that can work with these types of venues.

I would also ask to see the space where the band would set up, and also if there is a designated dancing space for you to throw some shapes! This will allow you to visualise the band on your night and know that there is adequate space for guests to enjoy your live act.

The-Buskers Band

What advice would you offer couples when it comes to them narrowing down their short-list and picking the right act for them and their wedding?

I believe in love at first sight for wedding entertainment. Deep down most couples will intrinsically know when they’ve found the right wedding band so it’s important to snatch them up whilst you can. There’s nothing worse than missing out on your first choice!

If you are struggling to find ‘the one’ then firstly I would look at their setlist to see if any songs jump out that you love. It’s also important to get a sense of an acts personality, maybe through watching videos. Do they come across as they kind of act that will take your day into consideration and work with you to create a party? These things are all equally important when booking a live wedding band for your big day. Don’t settle for less here.

Are there any common mistakes couples make when booking a live act that you can help others to avoid?

The most common mistakes we see are all to do with getting the most out of your live entertainment. You will want your wedding entertainment to shine so what can you do to make sure this happens?

A lot of the time this can’t be helped but if you are able to have your bar in the same room as your wedding band – do it! It makes such a big difference to the atmosphere and your band will have a much easier time pulling guests onto the dance floor.

Also, don’t start your band too early. This is a very common mistake and sometimes it’s best to let the anticipation build for a bigger impact when your live entertainment begins to kick things off.

Lastly, I would mention that is best to try a mostly ‘hands-off’ approach when it comes to your bands setlist. Of course, it’s fine to make a request here and there or ask for a certain song not to be played, but your bands setlist is a refined art where every transition has been seamlessly planned out for maximum effect! Let them do what they do best, and you will have an amazing night.

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What would be your golden tip to couples when it comes to them deciding on the type of entertainment to have at their wedding?

Your personality shines through your wedding entertainment. Every couple is different and we all have different quirks and things that make us unique. Let your entertainment be an extension of you and choose something that your guests will remember. They will be able to attach these memories to you when they reminisce about your wedding day.

Of course, all of the tips here are important but above all else this should be at the forefront of your mind!

Can you tell us a little about the range of acts that Warble Entertainment offers?

Oh wow, what don’t we have?! If you want live music or an awesome rock band for your wedding, then we’ve got you covered – but that is just the tip of the iceberg!

We literally have thousands of acts from fire performers, string quartets, caricaturists, mariachi bands, lookalikes, saxophonists, magicians, bagpipers and so much more. There is so much available to set your wedding apart. We also have a soft spot for, and specialise in, all types of unique entertainment also.

Having such a wide range of wedding entertainment available means that we can help create a truly special day that is tailored to you.

Wedding Ballerinas

How do you vet the acts that are on your books to ensure they are of a high standard and reliable?

This is definitely one of the benefits of arranging your wedding entertainment through an entertainment agency such as Warble. You are guaranteed the highest quality acts through our stringent vetting process.

The acts themselves are very important to us and we only work with industry professionals. We turn away an extremely high number of acts daily who wish to join us and only the best are accepted onto the Warble roster! This is a massive timesaver for couples who are worrying in trying to vet the act themselves.

What sets Warble Entertainment apart from other agencies?

Our focus is to make things easy, fun and simple. To help with this we have an amazing team of entertainment specialists and all round awesome people who are always on hand to help. In fact, we even have a 24-hour emergency helpline, who are on hand to ensure that your chosen entertainment goes off without a hitch on your big day.

Alongside our passion for weddings and our customer service, we are also the industry experts in booking entertainment for weddings. We offer invaluable tips and advice on our web series #AskWarble and can answer any questions you may have about your wedding entertainment.

Fire Performers

How can our readers find out more about Warble Entertainment and its acts?

Simple! Our website is really user friendly and packed with information on our amazing acts as well as some useful advice on your wedding entertainment. We also love to chat, so you can call us on 01270 501164 to speak to one of our friendly agents or drop an email to enquiries@warble-entertainment.com

Any other exciting news to share?

As mentioned we offer free wedding entertainment advice and inspiration videos on our #AskWarble show as well as exclusive interviews and live sessions with our acts. It’s great to get this kind of insight during the planning stages of your wedding and we have a host of experts that are ready to guide you through the world of wedding entertainment. Get involved and enjoy taking in some ‘weducation’ online with us!

You can use the hashtag #AskWarble to send your very own questions for the series or get in touch with Warble Entertainment Agency for more information. We can’t wait to hear from you and help create some exciting moments for your day.

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